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Ambiance Smart LED Bar Light


Smart LED Bar Light

Philips Ambiance Smart LED Bar Light

You have to connect Philips Hue Play behind your screen using the clips and double-sided tape, and this will give your best viewing experience with splashes of light surrounding your television. It is one of the best looking Hue products, It looks perfect and it comes with a single power source and needs to connect to a single outlet. It’s one of the best Smart LED Bar Light.

There has music synchronization, light effects, gaming, and many more things. It will help to change and combine lights and will give a different look to your home. It is very trendy in entertainment and lighting in homes and business places. This smart LED Bar light has voice activator so that you can control it through your voice, but Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant must be enabled. This product will also help you to decorate your home and ceiling. These lights give a beautiful view of your houses. This LED bar light Comes with straightforward installation system. One power supply, 2 table stands, 2 TV-mounting supports includes the base kit.

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Pros And Cons

This LED Bar Light can give you the best lighting experience. You can use it for many purposes. You can use it to enhance your stylish home. The design of the product is aesthetic. You can keep them on your cabinet to create a pleasant atmosphere. For brightening your ceiling, you can lay it flat on the floor.

These LED bar light are straightforward to set up, and these are easy to use. The various colors of the lights are lovely and its fun to scroll through. Giving a single power supply, it can be used at any place of the house. If it used in living rooms, then it will provide a new look to the office. So you can use your LED bar light for any purposes as you wish.

There is only one power supply, so you have to put them together or at a small distance. The lighting is dependent on location. Since it has only one power supply, it cannot be placed in different places of the houses. You can not put them in separate rooms. But I think this smart LED bar light is very fantastic and money worthy. It can make your home attractive and decorative.




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