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Best Anti Fatigue Gaming Glasses To Protect Your Vision

Anti Fatigue Gaming GlassesAnti fatigue gaming glasses are one kind of eyewear which is recommended by the doctors to protect and enhance eye vision. These glasses made with specially designed lenses. The designed lenses have the features of blocking the high energy blue light UV ray and glare. The glasses weight 25 gram only which is easy to carry. These lightweight glasses help to reduce pressure point and also reduces fatigue.

The anti-fatigue glasses also protect your eye from exposure dry air current which causes pain and irritation in the eyes. Stainless steel is used to make the full rim frame, and 132mm temples used for the construction of the glass. These help to maintain the lightweight and durability. The anti-fatigue glasses have an adjustable silicon notepad which allows increasing optical stability. It also helps to reduce eye strain and enhance your vision. High tensile steel used for the making of engineered single piece front.

This comes with the feature of a fastener-free hinge. This fastener free hinge provides durability and comfort to the glass. For the use of computer gaming or video games, the amber tint lens is ideal. The high-performance glasses has an ultra slim temples which help to reduce headphone pressure and increase handset compatibility.

GUNNAR Gaming and Computer Eyewear/MLG Phantom,...
  • Kill the glare with the only patented computer eyewear recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision through the use of their specially designed lenses featuring proprietary tints and coatings that block high-energy blue light, UV and glare
  • Weighing in at only 25-grams, these lightweight glasses are properly balanced to reduce pressure points and combat fatigue while also framing your face to protect your eyes from exposure to dry and ambient air currents that can cause irritation
  • 132-millimeter temples and full rim frame are constructed of stainless steel to ensure lightweight durability with adjustable silicone nose pad design to help increase optical stability, reduce eye strain and enhance visual detail throughout the day
  • Engineered single-piece front construction made of high tensile steel and features a fastener-free hinge design that provides incredible durability and comfort; Amber tint lens' are ideal for video and computer gaming use

Why should I buy this Anti Fatigue Gaming Glasses

Screens are there from phones and tablets to video games and TVs. The high energy blue light is damaging our eyes day by day. To avoid this product is necessary. Headache, sleep troubles, irritability are the side effects of blue light. These problems can be avoided by using anti-fatigue gaming glass.

These glasses effectively filter the high power blue light and 100% UV rays which helps to protect the eye vision and overall health. Since the glasses are lightweight, it can easily use. The glasses are fashionable and stylish too. This anti fatigue gaming glasses made of glass so it may break. So you have to be careful while keeping it anywhere. There are no drawbacks and, you can buy this amazing product.

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