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Best Unique Electronics Gadgets For Men & Women 2019


Best Unique Electronics Gadgets For Men cool gadgets for men


Gadgets, every time we listen to this term, we wonder what new has recently hit the market and is trending with new and vibrant features. Yes, advancement has been at such a rate that keeping up with the new things, ideas and technology has been a lot more difficult. You get to know about the unique gadgets online only to find out an updated version has hit the market a while ago. The game of curiosity is always in motion and your eagerness to have the electronics gadgets will be showered with our research of the latest yet cool gadgets for men & women.

Best 35 Useful and Unique Electronics Gadgets


If you are in search of the best electronics gadgets to treat yourself, or even electronic gadgets for men and electronic gifts for her you have arrived at the correct place.

Gadgets by significance are meant to be creative, stuffed in with all the features which would excite you to the core and also make your life a lot easier than it ever was. Yes yes, we are well versed with your needs and expectations and you may expect to find the information about the most unique gadgets online

Wonder if you know everything? Wait until we surprise you with the latest gadget review that will snatch the ground of your foot and place a heavenly feeling there instead. We have placed together a list of all the cool gadgets here in this blog, make sure you read gadgets reviews before buying so you have an idea about the product you are about to invest in.

Philips Somneo Lamp Best Electronics Gadgets

Philips Somneo Lamp

Alarm clocks might be unessential, especially now when we have a built-in clock in our smartphones. But what if there is a twist and the clock is a lot more than an ordinary alarm clock. You might consider buying it. Philips Somneo Lamp will be your perfect companion throughout the day as it has features that enhance your sleep pattern, energy, and overall well-being. The clock has 7 natural sound, FM radio, white noise and power back up.




SoundBot Bluetooth Hat cool gadgets for men

SoundBot Bluetooth Hat

Bluetooth embedded phones, watches, headphone and stuff like that are all witnessed, but this new gadget brings you the same experience but in a hat. This is to make you super comfortable as the fabric is soft, warm and comfortable to wear. SoundBot Bluetooth hat is compatible as a gadget for gift for men and also a gadget for gift for women. You can enjoy comfortable and advanced music with digital sound, balanced deep bass, dynamic mid-range, and crystal clear high notes. 





Xenvo Pro Lens Kit cool gadgets for women

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

A phone’s camera is never enough for the fancy photos you wish to click. You must be thinking about a DSLR but carrying the heavy camera everywhere is almost difficult. The best solution is this Xenvo Pro Lens Kit which would increase the pixels of your phone letting you click a professional like photo. It has 0.45x wide angles, 15x macro lens, rechargeable led fill light and is compatible with every other phone with a single and dual camera.




Amazon Smart Plug unique gadgets online

Amazon Smart Plug

Did you even have an idea about the smart plug? Amazon smart plug is yet another one of the best electronics gadgets suitable for your growing needs. Pair it up with an Alexa device and you may add voice control to the plug and everything can be automated with your voice. The merits of this product are you can schedule lights, fans, and other appliances to turn on and off automatically, even when you are away.




LuMee Duo Selfie Phone Case latest gadget review

LuMee Duo Selfie Phone Case

Regular cases have been around for quite some time, and it is time we consider a case which does a lot more than just providing protection to the phone, along with a stylish punch. LuMee Duo selfie phone case has built-in lighting which makes your pictures and selfies look studio quality. You may select the type of light with just a button. It is sleek, provides protection, compatible with the iPhone and is one among the cool gadgets for anyone.




Garmin Speak Plus Dash Cam Best Electronics Gadgets

Garmin Speak Plus Dash Cam

This cam is an upgrade to your car’s system. This is a highly recommended product as it ensures the safety of the people traveling. Garmin speak plus dash cam keeps a close watch on your drive and acts as your guide or manual. It warns you at chances of the forward collision and lane departure warnings. Alexa comes built in this device which makes it easy for you to control it.




Oculus Virtual Reality Headset cool gadgets for men

Oculus Virtual Reality Headset

The craze of virtual reality has been around for a while and people have been searching for more and more of VR sets which stand ground on the high standards of the VR. Oculus virtual reality headset lets you view your favorite stuff in personal viewing. You may also view it with friends and meet them up in the VR. This gadget is easy to use and also control the great audio experience.




GE Enbrighten Light Switch cool gadgets for women

GE Enbrighten Light Switch

After we have been through the plug, let us take a quick look at the switch as well. GE Enbrighten light switch is as well embedded with Alexa voice for voice control. You may control the switch by just asking Alexa to do it for you. The switch also has multiple operation modes like auto, vacancy, manual and sensitive mode. Install this switch on the wall just any other regular switch and you are good to go.





RapidX X5 Car Charger unique gadgets online

RapidX X5 Car Charger

For all the travel enthusiasts, who spend a lot of time on the wheel and not in a place to have a sufficient amount of time to charge up your electronic devices, this RapidX car charger would be your best solution. This gadget has 5 intelligent USB ports, facilitates fast charging, works with 12v-24v vehicles outlet and cigarette lighters. The design is super trendy and sleek adding on to the charm of your car.




Ring Video Doorbell Pro latest gadget review

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Here is the new era of doorbells. The need for safety is a real concern and it is highly provided by the Ring video doorbell pro. If the bell detects any motion or is pressed, it will notify you through your personal assistant Alexa. You may also talk to strangers, without having to meet them. Video facility is as well provided as you will be aware of who will be at your door before you decide to open up.




Pure Enrichment Air Purifier Best Electronics Gadgets

Pure Enrichment Air Purifier

Concerns of the air we breathe is a real one as we see a drastic increase in the impurities present in our environment. If you are concerned with the air you breathe or for your near and dear ones, this is the device for you. Pure Enrichment air purifier purifies the air you breathe throughout the year. It also has a cooling fan for you in summer and vice versa in the winter season.




Arcos Caddie Smart Sensors cool gadgets for men

Arcos Caddie Smart Sensors

Here is a device for all the golf players out there, who wish to improve their game or are enthusiasts about keeping track of their progress. Arcos caddie smart sensors help the players know the exact distance of the point and also lets them figure out their actual strengths and weaknesses. Quite a charm this gadget is as it works wonders for your game and lets you have a good gaming experience at all times.




iGPSport GPS Bike Computer cool gadgets for women

iGPSport GPS Bike Computer

People who cycle to maintain their fitness level, now you may keep track of the actual workout you did on your gear. This iGPSport GPS bike computer lets you know your position through satellite positioning, track your ride in terms of speed, location, and the distance you are covering. Also know your Heart Rate Monitor, Speed Sensor, and Cadence Sensor. The battery of this device is durable, and also Strava compatible to help you upload your progress.




Echo Auto unique gadgets online

Echo Auto

Keep your personal assistant close to you always, now you may keep it with you in your car. Add Alexa to your car with Echo auto which works in a way where you need to connect to the Alexa app on your phone and play it through your car speakers via Bluetooth or auxiliary input. Listen to a lot more than just radio with this device including asking the assistant for directions.




Braun Series Electric Razor latest gadget review

Braun Series Electric Razor

Men have been turning a lot more toward electric shavers and razors which make the shaving experience hassle-free. But finding the right kind of device is always a challenge which is why we got you the Braun series electric razor so you can read gadgets reviews before buying. This device is the most efficient shaver which is clinically tested and approved for its quality. It has 2 specialized trimmers with 1 hour charge time.




Nest Learning Thermostat cool gadgets for men

Nest Learning Thermostat

Controlling temperature for each room is not only easy but also stylish. You need to take notes of the manual which is provided with the device to install it perfectly. Nest learning thermostat works with Alexa and styles you home with the vibrant colors it is available in. It saves energy and makes your home smart with only a couple of manual adjustments. With a display as cool, you may easily control the temperature of your house.




Apeman Dash Cam cool gadgets for men

Apeman Dash Cam

Recording the beautiful destinations you come across is always the way of capturing the memories. Everyone loves capturing them, but doing so with a regular camera might not be safe for the driver and not compatible with the person sitting beside. An advanced camera is always a better option. Hence, we have included this Apeman dash cam to the list. It has 1080P full FULL HD dash cam, 170° super wide angle, built-in G-sensor, super night vision, and is easy to set up and use.




InstaShiatsu Foot Massager cool gadgets for men

InstaShiatsu Foot Massager

Hectic activities and stress have become a major part of our life as we live with all that. Body pain is another great challenge a lot of people have to face and hence, we have included a massager to the list to make you aware of the cool massager which is best for your stress and pain. With InstaShiatsu foot massager get your pain relieved, with the pressure and air compression technology.




Bose Soundlink Revolve electronic gifts for her

Bose Soundlink Revolve

In the era where people go crazy with a new speaker hitting the market, we have yet another product for you which would excite you again. Bose soundlink revolve is the best performing portable speaker, which delivers deep, loud, jaw-dropping sound with True 360-degree coverage. You can take this speaker to place with the flexible handle, enjoying 16 hours of play time. Also, you can take calls, access Siri or Google now.




MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener

MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener

Here is the new in charge for your garage which is just as smart as any other gadget you use. You can now avail smart garage control receiving every notification and activity in a hassle-free way. The setup of this MyQ smart garage door opener is simple and a few steps procedure which will let you master the management of your garage. Opening, closing, and receiving garage door status notifications are the key features.




PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR

Gamers have a proportionate craze of playing but playing with adventures has always been their way. If you are one among them, you might be interested in this device which would enhance your gaming experience for the best. PlayStation VR is the new unexpected gaming experience that can be used just by plugging it. Experience the games just like you experience your real life with the advanced VR display.




Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer

Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer

Regular printers have always been a thing; with the development taking in such a fast pace, 3D printers are the most compatible printers. The features of this Monoprice select mini 3D printer include Support for All Filament Types, supports every OS, Compact Desktop Design, Heated aluminum build plate nozzle cooling fan for printing all filament types. The supported filament types are ABS, PLA, Wood, Copper Fill, Steel Fill, Bronze.




Porsche 911 Speaker

Porsche 911 Speaker

This is a High-end Bluetooth Speaker, which facilitates wireless music transfer from smartphones, tablets or PCs at CD quality. Make an easy connection with all the mentioned devices and enjoy non-stop music for 24 hours straight without the need for charging it over and over again to avail a few extra hours of music. Porsche 911 speakers are embedded with Bluetooth standard 4.0 [A2DP] and support CSR aptX® decoding.




BioLite CampStove electronic gifts for her

BioLite CampStove

Camping is going to be easy, along with being fun with the assistance of this device. Charging, cooking and stuff like that are always a challenge with you are out there camping. With the assistance of the BioLite CampStove, you may now charge your phone with the fire as this device turns fire into electricity. During a full burn, the CampStove can boil 1 liter of water in as little as 4.5 minutes, which makes your cooking itself easy.




X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Gaming Chair

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Gaming Chair

Make your hours of gaming best end without any discomfort from the pain which is bound to arise from the regular chars which you use. this X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Gaming chair is not only comfortable for you to sit and play along but also has great features of playing video games, listening to music, watching TV, reading, and relaxing. This chair is compatible with all your gaming systems making it a great purchase.




Insta360 Nano 360 Degree Camera electronic gifts for her

Insta360 Nano 360 Degree Camera

Shooting videos panorama with wide angles is now easy than before. All you need is the assistance of this device. This Insta360 Nano 360 degree camera is compatible with iPhone 7, 7 plus, and iPhone 6/6S, 6 plus/6S plus, or can also be used individually and separately.  The resolutions of the device are 3040×1520 resolution @ 30fps, with Dual 210 Degree Fisheye Lenses, Portable size, and Real-time 360 video/photo sharing on Facebook/WeChat, Live streaming.




AmpliFi HD WiFi System

AmpliFi HD WiFi System

The range normal wifi setup boxes and adapters are able to cover is very low and there is often some place left out in the home which does not have the reach to internet access. With this AmpliFi HD WiFi system, you will be able to grant internet access to each and every corner of the house. The parts of the system are Wi-Fi router, two MeshPoints, four Gigabit Ethernet ports, a WAN port, and an Ethernet cable.






Cuisinart Programmable Coffeemaker electronic gifts for her

Cuisinart Programmable Coffeemaker

Coffee addiction is real and almost all of us is a personal coffee fan. Having the taste of the perfect coffee is always a bliss and is of the best times of the day. Coffee from this Cuisinart programmable coffeemaker is just the dream for coffee addicts. It uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure hotter Coffee without sacrificing flavor or quality. Control the flavors as per your taste and preference and enjoy your coffee break.




Electric Wine Opener

Electric Wine Opener

Wines are the perfect ingredients to get parties started, and every celebration begins with wine. Often opening the wine bottle is a challenge, which can now be assisted. We have included this electric wine opener on the list, as it is worth a buy. The kit includes 4AA batteries (NiMH), Automatic Rechargeable Corkscrew, Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer, Vacuum Wine Stopper, Charger, perfect stuff to get you started. One charge lets you open 80 bottles.




External Hard Drive 2Tb HDD electronic gifts for her

External Hard Drive 2Tb HDD

Storage issues are real and no matter how many new devices we use, every device seems to go out of storage as soon as we start using the device for a few days. Yes, the passion for shooting every moment is real and so is keeping it safeguarded. The External Hard Drive  2Tb HDD, give you Store and access 2TB of photos and files on the go, along with Backup.




Tesla Coil Lighter

Tesla Coil Lighter

Running out of fuel for lighters, stocking up with the fuel and refilling the lighters and all the stuff is not so easy to maintain especially when you have a series of bad days. We recommend the Tesla coil lighter, for this lighter is a USB rechargeable windproof arc lighter, made up of Gunmetal. Using this lighter is just a button click away, and once you charge it, it would last for a week and depend upon your use, 100-300 uses.




Unifun External Power Bank Charger electronic gifts for her

Unifun External Power Bank Charger

Power banks are handy and easy to use, but you do know that they are at times hard to carry, especially as they themselves run out of battery. With this Unifun external power bank charger, you can charge your phones as good as 5 times. The device is super handy with a built-in LED when you are in need of the same. Other features of this gadget are waterproof, dustproof, anti-shock, skid resistance




Anker Powercore Power Bank electronic gifts for her cool gadgets for men

Anker Powercore Power Bank

This power bank is especially compatible with the iPhone devices, though it works well for the other android device too, though a bit less effective. You can charge your iPhone with this power bank as good as three and a half times. The speed of Anker powercore power bank is high always, also the device being extremely compact. It is one of the smallest and lightest 10000mAh portable chargers. Also, you get a warranty of 18 months.




Joomfeen Travel Adapter electronic gifts for her cool gadgets for men

Joomfeen Travel Adapter

Being an international traveler, we got your back. We got you the listing of the universal travel adapter for the next latest gadget review.  This Joomfeen travel adapter is suitable for charging worldwide as it covers more than 150 Countries with US/EU/UK/AU plugs. It works in Canada, Russia, Asia, Central America, South America, and the Middle East. You may charge 3 devices on a go, one being a power socket and the other two USB ports.




Samsung Gear VR with Controller electronic gifts for her

Samsung Gear VR with Controller

We saved another greater gadget for the last. Your gaming world is going to drive upside down with this amazing VR. Worry not for the minimal gaming experience will turn out to be the best gaming experience for you. You will be able to play all the amazing games with this Samsung gear VR with the controller. The controller is just for you to use it to drop, point, select and drag with a wave of your wrist. 




Final Thoughts


The real world might be a difficult place to live, but why would we let go of even a single change to make everything easy for us. For your love of gadgets, you can choose any of the above-mentioned gadgets to change any aspect of your life. Regarding the devices you didn’t know of, you may always experiment and enjoy the additional benefits it brings on. Smart is the new way of life, experience it in every way and everything you do with all the devices we have put together. Gift your near and dear ones and show your care and affection, yet in a smart way.



Best Electronics Gift For Men

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