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Color Photo Printer For iPhone and iPad


Photo Printer For iPhone

All of us are fond of photographs. To print those photographs we have to go outside to print them form any studio. But with VuPoint IP-P10-VP Color Photo Printer you can print your favorite photographs by yourself. The color photo printer for iPhone and iPad gives you the best quality prints of your photographs. It prints directly from your iPhone and iPad photo album. For Android smartphone, you can use this printer also. You will get pictures of JPEG format.

Best Quality Picture Photo Printer For iPhone & Android User

The color photo printer for iPhone and iPad has a printing resolution more than adequate for 4” x 6” images. Photo Cube’s color rendition leaves something to be preferred. Here pictures tended to have a slight yellow cast while whites tended to be pretty white, blacks are less than deep, and. Consequently, flesh tones and light greens leaned a little yellow, and oddly, medium greens skewed blue. The overall look of a complex multi-colored test image which is very impressive. Each of the iOS apps includes partition. So it will let you divide one 4” x 6” sheet into multiple segments or print multiple copies. But the print is really good in quality which will satisfy you.

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  • View, print and charge your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphone or tablet all at once – no computer required
  • Files: Files print directly from your iPod touch, iPhone and iPad photo album. No saving or transferring issues. It also works on Android Smartphone and, print directly from the Gallery.
  • Required time: Prints approximately 55 seconds per sheet
  • Compatible With Android Smartphone and tablets OS 2.0 and above.
  • Photo printing process: Uses dye sublimation thermal transfer process
  • Images per sheet: You have to Select photo partitioning of 1, 4, or 10 images per sheet and you can do up to 4 copies
  • Application: Free downloadable printing application from App Store or Android Market
  • Photo format: JPEG output format
  • Powered by: AC adapter
  • Ink: ALL-IN-ONE ink and photo paper cartridge
  • Photo paper: This color Photo Printer For iPhone is waterproof. It has a protective coating to minimize fingerprints, dust, scratches. Prevent photos from damages.
  • Photo size: Print up to 36 photos, 4 x 6″ size per sheet
  • Easy to install
  • 300dpi x 300dpi 256 Gradations and, 16.7 million colors



  • Affordable
  • Easy to load
  • Android & iOS compatibility
  • Ability to charge your smartphone
  • Media can get expensive if you print often
  • Limited media sizes and types
  • Longevity issues

So I can tell you that, this Photo Printer For iPhone is a good option for iPod, iPhone, and iPad users who want a simple photo printing option. Also, this photo printer is good for android user as well.  You have to download the app and it is very easy to use. It is important to physically connect your device and load the app. Then the printer will work. Among the streamlined controls, device connection system, and paper/ink replacement process, VuPoint is the best. When app improvements and improved color performance could make Photo Cube even improved. Most of the iOS users looking for the occasional printed photo, Photo Cube is worthy of our general recommendation.



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