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Multifunction Foot Massager Machine


Foot Massager Machine

Foot massage is very important cause regular massage improves blood circulation. Our feet work for us all day very hard so feet massage needed for everyone. It can relief you from stresses and help you to feel relax. Help you to sleep well. Best way to get rid of the injury and, also best for fast recovery. A foot massage can help you to decrease feelings of anxiety. So it is helpful to take massage before you go to bed. DGS Foot Massager Machine comes with a remote control system. This foot massager is multifunctional. This product is very stylish and useful also.

Intelligent Foot Massager Machine

DGS Foot Massager Machine is a multifunctional foot massager which means it is not only a foot massager but also it comes with free storage design, cushion hot compress and very stylish. This product has a professional pedicure function. Portable footrest function is very amazing cause it can give you comfort. Heating cushion function is available here.

DGS Foot Massage works in three steps massage. Firstly, you will get the toe scraping plate massage in front of the foot which helps your toes to be fully relaxed. And secondly, in the middle section of the foot uses a roller scraping massage tool. Here scraping, rubbing, rolling and other massage techniques which can help you to get rid of pain and feel so relaxed. Thirdly, you will get a seesaw type of shaking massage in the back of the foot. This shaking massage tool relaxes your leg muscles. While taking massage, you can work.

The quality of the multifunctional tool massager is really very high. The product is scratch resistance cause here automotive paint process is available. Very easy to clean and it is long lasting. Skin softening breathable and comfortable mesh cloth makes your foot massage more refreshing. The seat cushion with massage chair made by professional leather which is soft and comfortable. This Foot Massager Machine is very clean and hygienic.


  • Product Size: 44 * 24 * 34cm
  • Power supply: AC power
  • Control: computer
  • Massage principle: air pressure, hot compress
  • Power: 25W
  • Voltage: 220v
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
  • Color: Tu Hao gold
  • Suggested use time: 15 minutes
  • Function: wireless remote control, timing, infrared therapy



  • Portable and very lightweight
  • Relieve tired feet
  • Delivers relaxing heat
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Easy to wash
  • portable
  • It may not cover extra larger or wider feet
  • Not ideal for diabetics

DGS Foot Massager Machine is multifunctional foot massager improves nerve sensitivity. And also improves energy levels. People who have insomnia can use this product cause it improves nerve system which is really helpful for them. They can sleep well after using this product. It can also improve liver function.

A multifunctional Foot Massager Machine can be work as a chair. Good for migraines and headaches. The best treatment for arthritis cause it decreases pain. So I can tell you that regular foot massage is very important and it can improve health condition. So this product is really helpful for people of all ages.



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