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LED Lighthouse Mini Lantern


Portable Mini Lantern

Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern

Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern is dimmable; portable and, Dual LED Light gave for adjusting the brightness of the light. Extended runtimes of the lantern up to 500 hours on low. Fold-down legs for maximum light dispersion. This portable mini lantern is rechargeable. So you can recharge it anywhere such as from Goal Zero Nomad solar panels. You can also plug into any USB port with the help of charging cable, or you can swap out the internal battery of this portable mini lantern with a spare 18650 Goal Zero Battery.

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Why I should buy this Portable Mini Lantern?

The lantern quality is very high. This mini lantern is portable and provides you with two different heights, and you can take it in a bag. You can control the brightness. The brightest setting of the mini lantern is easy, and it can put out 210 lumens of light which can lighten a room entirely. It can last for 500 hours in the dimmed position. This lantern can run from a USB port, and no battery installation is needed here. You can hang this mini lantern or keep it on the table.

The price of the portable mini lantern is high. But it works as described. The size is very tiny. But otherwise, there is no other problem. Because the quality is excellent, so you can buy this product without thinking anything.



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