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Portable Mosquito Repellent Device


Portable Mosquito Repellent Device

The West Nile virus is transmitted by mosquitoes. Only female mosquitoes bite cause they need at least one blood meal so that they can develop their eggs. According to sources, the virus is carried by over 60 mosquito species. Eighty percent of those who contract the virus will show no symptoms. According to WHO, those whom symptoms showed will exhibit flu-like symptoms with fever, headache, tiredness, body aches, nausea, vomiting, occasionally a skin rash. Thermacell MR-GJ Portable Mosquito Repellent Device is the best solution against mosquitos. The best thing is that this device is portable so you can take it anywhere you go. So you will be safe from all of those mosquito-related diseases.
Silent and odor free, Portable Mosquito Repeller Device

Effectively Repels Mosquitos

The Thermacell Mosquito Repellent device is an outdoor device used to repel mosquitos within a 15′ x 15′ area. This device is silent, it does not make any noise. The best part is that it is odor free cause most of the people do not like anti-mosquito killing sprays smell. The smells of those products are very bad. So this product is really nice. It is an effective tool when repelling mosquitoes. This handheld appliance is also lightweight and, portable. This device is very easy to use. Just rotate the switch to the On position, wait about five seconds, then you have to press the Start button about three times to ensure that you have lit the butane. People who have skeeter syndrome should use this device cause they are allergic to mosquitoes.

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Feature of  This Mosquito Repellent Device

Size: 6.2 x 10.75 x 2.3 in. so the device is small in size.
Weight: Very lightweight so easy to carry. 10.4 ounce only.
Material: Hard plastic
Zone of protection: 15-foot by 15-foot means 225 square feet area. So this Thermacell Mosquito Repellent device covers a large area.
Work hour: The repellent mats work for up to four hours and the butane cartridge up to 12 hours.



  • Starts working immediately
  • Easy to use
  • Gets rid of mosquitoes without chemicals
  • Lightweight and, portable
  • No open flame or smoke
  • Odor free
  • Requires refills
  • Only able to use two mats per one butane cartridge

So I can tell you that Portable Mosquito Repeller Device from Thermacell is really effective. It is portable so you can carry it while going for any outing. Some studies say that mosquito causes death. The device is very lightweight. It is easy to use. This device effectively repels not only mosquitoes but also black flies and other biting insects by creating a 15 x 15-foot zone of protection.

It does not create any smoke. So it is not harmful to our health or not bad for babies. While going with family for any kind of outing you can take it with you. This that Portable Mosquito Repeller device is money worthy. Whenever you gonna start using this, you will understand. People who are allergic to Flies or mosquitos should have this device cause this can help them to keep themselves safe.

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