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Professional Studio LED Light Panel


Professional Studio LED Light

Elgato Key Light – Professional Studio LED Panel

This studio LED light is App-enabled so that you can adjust the settings via your screen. The light is Ultra-bright. It is adjustable 2500 lumens and fully dimmable. 2900 – 7000 K color temperature produces cold through warm white. Opal glass face used here which can ensure balanced lighting and, not so much heat generated so that no sweat occurs because of this professional studio LED light.

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Why should I buy this product?

The set up is straightforward. This LED light is perfect for any content creator. You can keep it anywhere. Easy to carry. The green screen of this professional studio LED light is just awesome. This product used for professional work. So the configurations are really perfect for professional work. The professional LED light does not produce much heat so professional artists do not have to suffer for excessive heat or sweat. It is helpful for artists and workers. No matter where you have to go for shoot cause this professional LED light is easy to carry and easy setup system.

You can suffer from storage issues, but this can be solved easily. There are no other downwards of this studio LED light. I recommend you to buy this product. Cause it’s undoubtedly worth the price.


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