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Rechargeable Lighter – Windproof Arc Lighter


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If you are a smoker and you used to take cigarettes which are electric then you will love this product. Tesla coil arc lighter is a USB rechargeable lighter. This lighter requires no flame so it is windproof. There is no risk using this product. After using the Tesla coil arc lighter you have to recharge it. A full charge of this product can last up to a week or 100 to 300 times. The fluid used for a normal plastic lighter which makes fire and wind could turn out the fire. So that money got wasted and it is very disturbing. But with Tesla coil arc lighter yo don’t have to worry about this cause it is windproof.

Safe & most economical and environmental friendly Rechargeable Lighter

Tesla coil arc lighter is safest then normal plastic lighters. Lighter fluid refills or throwing out those cheap plastic lighters are not environmental friendly. These fluids make fires which causes smoke and they pollute the air. And fluid refilling fluids is not economical at all and these fluids are not safe. So this Tesla coil arc lighter is the best choice. Now it’s time to choose Tesla coil arc over the old lighters. It produces no butane and no hassle so it cannot harm our environment. Now I can tell that Tesla coil arc rechargeable lighter is safe and simple. This is reliable to all.

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  • Size: Tesla coil arc lighters size is 3” x 1.75” x 0.5” in dimensions. It is small in size. And the arc length is 5 mm.
  • Weight: The weight is very light of this amazing lighter. The weight is only 3 oz.
  • Charge: Tesla coil arc lighter is USB rechargeable which is the best feature of it. A full charge can last almost one week or 100 to 300 times.
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required.
  • Safety feature: This lighter will not light up so long as the secure lid is closed.
  • How does it work: Tesla coil arc lighter works by creating an electric arc with one press of a button.



  • Great design with a metallic body
  • It is perfect as a gift.
  • It is sturdy, and it won’t break if it falls.
  • Eco-friendly and safe.
  • Windproof
  • Easy to use and affordable to all.
  • You can use it to start a fire when camping.
  • Can holds charge for a week or more?
  • It makes a sound/ noise which is uncomfortable.
  • It doesn’t open wide enough to light candles.

So I would like to recommend you to buy this innovative rechargeable lighter. Tesla coil arc lighter is the best choice for anyone. If any stranger asks for your lighter then you can give him confidence and he will be pleased. Also, if you are self-conscious and have the first choice for high-quality devices, then, you may want to include a stylish arc lighter in the list of quality things you own.

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