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Mighty Audio Spotify Music Player


Mighty Audio Spotify Music Player

Mighty Audio Spotify Music Player, Crush Orange

Are you a music lover? If you are a music lover then you have faced problems like your mobile phones battery got low. Because you are listening to music for a long time. So Spotify Music Player Offline is one of the most useful devices which can work without a phone. This device can play Spotify music offline and podcasts also. Though it can work without a mobile phone so indirectly it saves your phone battery and also phones memory.

Best Portable Spotify Music Player

Mighty audio Spotify music player is portable. So while going out for walking or running or for the gym you can take it with you. It is very small and lightweight so very easy to carry. People who are addicted to music can not stay without it. For them this product is amazing. Cause while they going out for work or walking they want to listen to their favorite music. This device comes with Bluetooth headphones so you can concentrate on the music without any discomfort. All the fantastic features are given below.

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Memory: Mighty Spotify music player can hold 1000 plus songs easily. It gives you up to five hours of continuous playback facility.

Bluetooth: Mighty comes with the wireless listing system. That means Bluetooth headphones, speakers and also car stereos are available.

Syncing: Easy syncing is available here. The mighty mobile app is here for easy and cordless syncing. Playlists are powered through this mighty app. Stay fresh feature automatically updates your playlist anytime even while you sleeping. This feature is amazing cause Every time you will get fresh new music.

Weight: Mighty Spotify music player is very small in size. So it is very lightweight also. You can clip it to any piece of clothing for easy movement. So that you won’t have to notice this device and you can workout freely and you can just focus on your favorite music. Weights only 0.7 ounces.

Size: The size of the Spotify music player is very small. It is only (1.5inĂ—1.5in) in size.

Durability: This product is sweat, water, and drop resistant. While running or working out in the gym, you can carry this device and it is perfect for this type of works. Your smartphones will be safe also.

Use: This device requires a Spotify premium subscription. Which includes headphone jack to the USB charging cable and mobile app also.

Charge: Mighty Spotify music player holds charge longer. So you can enjoy music as long as you wish. While paired with the app it will show you the charge percentage. Five hours of battery life minimum.



1. Bluetooth range and connectivity is good
2. Small in size and lightweight
3. Rich features
4. Waterproof
1. Memory is only 8gb
2. Expensive

So Mighty audio Spotify music player comes with so many good features. But the price is a little high which is not affordable for everyone. Otherwise, the quality of the product is very high. This product is highly recommended for music lovers.




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