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Victorinox Army Pocket Knife


Army Pocket Knife

The Swiss army knife is one kind of pocket knife or a multi-tool manufactured by Victorinox and up to 2005, this Swiss knife was also manufactured by Wenger SA. The term “Swiss Army knife” was named by American soldiers after the second world war. But due to the difficulty of pronouncing the world “Offiziersmesser”, the German named it officer’s knife. The Swiss Army knife generally has many parts. It has a main spearpoint blade, as well as various tools, such as screwdrivers, a can opener, and many more other things. These attachments are joined inside the handle of the knife by a pivot point mechanism. The handle is usually in the color of stereotypical red and it also features a Victorinox or Wenger “cross” logo or, for Swiss military issue knives, the coat of arms of Switzerland.

A swiss army pocket knife is a necessary thing. The complete set of Swiss Army tools are used while camping, hiking, fishing, and more purposes. The knife contains 30 stainless-steel tools, with 60-plus individual parts. It does not have pliers like a tool. It has screwdrivers, can/bottle opener, files, hooks, saws, and much more things. The knife has a famous Swiss Army body, with nylon handle and aluminum frame. The precision is crafted in Switzerland which measures 3-1/2 inches long. It has a lifetime warranty.

The product is 3.6x 2.6x 0.8 inches in dimension. It weighs 12.6 ounces. The biggest collector’s item is this knife and it has it all. Its credentials are huge-scale and make it into a class of its own. The Swiss army knife is composed of 118 parts, housing 82 functions, weighs 350 grams and 65 mm in wide, its versatility knows no limits. And the craftsmanship is good too. Swiss Champ XAVT is manufactured in more than 500 meticulous steps and it is adeptly assembled by hand.

It can act as a protecting device. You can carry it to protect yourself. The different tools are manufactured from high-quality steel with precisely tuned features that are especially needed for the particular application. The steel is tempered, annealed and polished for achieving the necessary hardness and providing optimum resistance to prevent from corrosion. There is a feature of 83 functions to equip you for everyday adventures.

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Why should you buy this army pocket knife?

The only swiss army knife which comes in a display box. Anyone who wants the swiss army knife with the most tools. The knife is a fully functional and useable object. Really meant to be more for the collector than every day carries a knife. Although this knife will still fit in a pocket and it is possible to use it daily. It is a collector piece and it is one of the biggest of all knives. If you blow the fuse of the knife then it can be easily mended. It has a very useful and needed things.

There is a bottle or can opener. The bottle opener is situated next to the kitchen sink. This swiss army knife has many useful parts. It contains a toothpick which can be used easily. It has a pressure point ball pen can be used for writing, a pin made of stainless steel, an alarm which may be very useful in needs.

It comes with a digital clock, a thermometer to measure temperature, an altimeter, barometer to measure pressure. There are 3mm screwdriver Phillips screwdriver and also 6 mm screwdriver. You can use the key ring to arrange your keys safely. The wire cutter and wire crimping tool may come in your need to cut any kind of wire. There is also a magnifying glass. The knife contains nail file, metal saw, metal file, nail cleaner, chisel 4 m. This is not too big for your regular use.

It can be easily fitted in your side pocket even in the leather pouch. You should buy the leather pouch whenever u buy this knife. It fits the knife nicely and keeps it good. It is very wide, but still grip-able for people with larger hands. It’s actually narrower than the cell phone. It’s not as heavy as people exaggerate. It’s actually light for its size. The Swiss army knife is really a good choice. You can plan on buying it. People really over exaggerate the weight and size of these knives. The knife comes with a nice display box which has Victorinox on the outside and inside the box.

These knives are of fantastic quality. They have the best lifetime warranty. You will love this and try to start a new collection of Swiss knives. You can easily carry it in every place. It is easy to carry and use. You should use it safely. You may get hurt if you use carelessly. You should not wet it by water or in rain. It may destroy many parts. Besides all this knife is a useful tool. You can go for it.

Barometric pressure changes constantly so if you’re looking for something that will show you the correct altitude without you have to correct for barometric changes. You can “calibrate” the function and it will be good enough for an hour or two unless you are traveling a great distance. If you want altitude accuracy you are better off getting a GPS app for your smartphone. It has a flashlight. It comes with a nice box. Nothing fancy but a worthy gift box

The Swiss army knife is not waterproof. If you wet this knife then it’s battery will not function anymore and the other parts will also be spoiled. So it is good not to wet it in rain or any watery place. Its price is a little high. But it is a useful tool. If you don’t have any problem regarding its price value you can really go for it. It is a price worth product. You will be happy to have such a good product.





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