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Wireless HDMI Display Adapter For Student or Businessman


wireless hdmi display adapter

Today’s life is based on technology so we need different types of devices every day. If you are a student or a businessman you have to give presentations on various topics. So for this purposes, you will need a display adapter. The airtame wireless HDMI display adapter is just perfect for business purposes or educational purposes. By using presenter tool you can stream presentations wirelessly. You can do this from ios, android devises or Mac, Chromebook, etc. The picture quality is really amazing.

Easy Installation and Best Image Quality Wireless HDMI Display Adapter

Airtame wireless HDMI display adapter is different from other wireless HDMI adapters. Here you will get the best picture quality which will help you understand everything clearly. If you are delivering a presentation then you can draw the listeners attention because of the image quality of your presentation slides. Here you will get easy connect with IP.

Features Of Airtame HDMI Adapter

5GHz support: Airtame wireless HDMI adapter supports dual-band operation. It allows you to connect on different bands.

Size: It is very small in size and you can carry it easily. The size of the wireless HDMI adapter is 2.9×0.4×1.5 inches. Which you can carry on your pocket easily.

Weight: Airtame wireless adapter is very lightweight. It is only 1.44 ounces.

Image quality: Image quality of this Airtame wireless adapter is very high which gives you HD 1080P videos.
Split connect: It can have two simultaneous WiFi connections. Here one for devices and one for the network.


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How to use it?

For using this Airtame wireless HDMI adapter you have to follow a few steps. Which are giving below

1. Install: Firstly power Airtame and connect to your screen by using the included aircord.

2. Setting up: Connect it to your local or wifi network.

3. App Download: You have to download the Airtame app on your device from which you are going to present the slides or pictures. For download visit airtame.com/download

4. Present:
Open the app first then select your Airtame from your list and start presenting.

For Which Purposes You Can Use This Adapter?

Education: This device can make your classroom wireless so your teacher can move freely and teach you in his natural way. If the classroom is big then also there is no problem. The students from the back can also stream to the projector.

Business: From various sources, we know that companies waste up 10% of every official meeting on technical issues every time. So by using Airtime wireless HDMI adapter, you can show slides without any issues. This device is wireless which is really effective cause wires look so messy and it makes difficulties in office meetings.



1. Wireless connection
2. Can stream from any platform
3. Image quality very high
4. Amazing design
1. Price is kinda high

So I can tell you that Airtime wireless HDMI adapter is really a very good choice for all. The quality of the product is very nice and it is very well designed. I recommend you to buy this without thinking about anything.




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